Pretend Time in Real Time

Anthony Bialy
4 min readMay 1


Messing up daydreams is the hobby of cruel outcome aficionados. The excessively fanciful have never been more dedicated to ignoring reality. It’s only way to make their policies function. I didn’t say it was clever.

What’s your gender? It’s not a trick. Distinguishing between the two constitutes the least confusing thing possible, which of course means it’s presently a mess. Proclaiming whatever they want in defiance of what is sums up liberalism a bit too well.

Determining what a right is seems basic, which is why we must review. Going over fundamentals only seems condescending until you see how frequently they’re disregarded. We already have them, which is why Democrats want to take them. Your money is merely the start.

Constantly revoking your ability to act autonomously is a consistent failure both philosophically or practically, which doesn’t stop one side from trying again. The ruling party might not have explicitly called to ban commerce. The lack of money to buy items that aren’t even in stock took care of that.

We couldn’t have more evidence that governmental meddling causes harm if they tried, which they do. I am almost certain I believe they try to help. Even if the rather forgiving extend enough goodwill to believe liberals are attempting to better the world, the best possible case remains that they inadvertently show why what they hold should be dropped.

Self-esteem warriors have to pretend they helped, which I suppose is natural for those unproductive souls who never create any real things. They need validation in direct contrast to regrettable results. All this infiltration sure creates crummy results, but everything is going swell otherwise. Brother, can you spare an egg?

Unwilling passengers know we’re taking an excursion to Fantasyland any time an antisocial socialist condemns the natural process of trading what we have for what we’d like. Autonomy’s enemies never explain how the stuff we use would be generated. Government will distribute, you cruel capitalist brute. Fans of politicians eschew learning where things and money come from, as it relies on work and innovation.

There’s less of an excuse the more we get ahead in the calendar. It’s easier than ever to research claims in this futuristic present. Whippersnappers don’t even need to transcribe with a pen from an encyclopedia to complete homework. But copying and pasting is too much to ask for those who are so certain they’re correct that they don’t bother to screw up smugness by checking. Thoroughly incomplete assignments are the standard.

Instead of researching facts like they would if they were as scientific as claimed, zealots find other lunatics to back up their ludicrous notions. Reinforcing instead of confirming brings answers the deluded want instead of actual ones they should hear. Social media gets blamed for how people use it by the same ones who abuse it.

Imagination is overrated for limited dreamers who can’t distinguish between the formidable and the unworkable. Outcomes should keep those who wreak them from preening. But avoiding noticing consequences also doesn’t work. It’s the same all the way down if anyone seeks patterns.

You’d just waste what you toiled to earn. Legal thieves profess they’re proud of paying taxes as if letting the result of productivity get shredded cures sadness. Coughing up in the aftermath of federal intervention gets costly.

Ghastly coerced insurance needs to be subsidized precisely because doing so in the first place separates consumers from prices. Such self-sustaining behavior is no way to maintain health. Unspeakably awful results result in them calling for a more thorough policy. One bottle of Thunderbird didn’t prompt sobriety, so choke down another.

Federal supervisors who took our decisions and stuff are also left with nothing, although you don’t have to feel bad. They can only claim whatever they inflicted caused prosperous joy. It’s not exactly a clever trick. But enough voters interested in shortcuts keep falling for it in sufficient quantities to bring us regrettable moments like the Joe Biden presidency.

Lucky Americans are now so bereft of material goods that there’s nothing that can be stolen. We’re appreciating a spiritual term where we can focus on our selves instead of things. It’s not like there’s a choice. North Koreans are blissful.

Claiming the economy purrs as it sputters is the only business this White House enables. It’s not particularly productive anywhere nor applicable elsewhere.

At least there’s not much to steal. Treating criminals like victims increases crime, if you can believe it. Acting as if you can stroll down a metropolitan promenade without a fear of fiendish assault. Pretending corporate greed suddenly kicked in when Biden got what he wanted and lack of gun control makes liberal cities dangerous is the only option other than pretending everything is fine when this pushy ideology gets tried. Nobody’s surprised they try that, too.



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