Pros and Conned

Anthony Bialy
4 min readFeb 19, 2024

Masochists are exploited by the chief sadist. Real suckers crave more agony. It’s insane to still have to make the case against someone convicted of being the most obnoxious phony ever generated. Claim charges won’t hold up on appeal if that assuages dented consciences. Seeing how Donald Trump screws up against Joe Biden again will fail to offer much drama to those addicted to a certain bleak variety.

Identity theft victims and identity theft victim protection commercial victims have invested what’s left in reforming a broke and broken cult. The sort of blindly nasty lackeys who still haven’t come up with clever insults for everyone who points out Trump isn’t exactly a super president or leader or truth-teller or alpha male or conservative or businessman or true success or example of decency might be black holes of misery, but at least they’re humorless. Call anyone who disagrees an ugly fat loser. Throw in an accusation of being cuckolded for a true throwback. Based on the infuriating primary, that seems to be the party’s direction.

The biggest liar possible is merely more blatant, which is convincing enough to fool those who enjoy hearing exactly what they want to hear. The most political president won’t go away because his marks need him. Affirmation can be negative.

Some people seem to have missed a few years, so I’ll just point out Trump was already president. Since the most obvious lessons are the apparently the toughest to retain, let’s recall that he didn’t do much, broke a lot of promises, and was mostly a pushy liberal. He’s actually been a pretty public phony since at leas the mid-‘80s. Ask a friend who knows how to do web searches for examples.

Psychological specimens unwittingly participate in an experiment to see how far they’ll go without checking results. Trump has spent his regrettably charmed life preparing for this very moment. All he needs are fanatics who think checking claims would be blasphemous.

The worst parody possible of a business titan still isn’t obvious enough for repeat offenders. Lenin couldn’t have conjured a more damaging caricature. Thinking calling himself the best increases sales compensating for not actually creating anything anyone would ever want to buy, own, or receive as a gift. Trump has thankfully nothing to do with how actual commerce unfolds unless he ruins Grover Cleveland’s special claim.

Even lousy salesmen know who wants to be hoodwinked again. Such humiliation is too mortifying a fetish for a Pornhub private tab search. A failed personality test leads to the most obvious projection possible embodied by the cheap insults that reflect their own bleakness. It turns out there can be something worse than 2016. We have to be more careful about phrasing wishes.

Consumers head back to the timeshare meeting to beg for another week. The only bigger dupes are convinced a name in gold reflects success. Heed fellow alphas who slavishly obey every command from someone who tells them exactly what they want to hear.

Display over actuality is Trump’s brand. Slap his name on it. Being focused on winning over principles while sucking at both is a special gift of an example. Pair horrid principles and outcomes with loyalty thats’ blind and without other sense. Unquestioned fealty naturally won’t be reciprocated. Falling for his pouting rioting incitement wasn’t punishment enough.

Claiming to oppose corruption in all forms as they lap up bombastic copy from a shameless anthropomorphic commercial is one way to distrust everyone. Lackeys view basic facts suspiciously while trusting the most dubious source. Promoting conspiracy theories too preposterous for truthers comes naturally while ignoring the very real case against an ex-executive that only sounds outlandish.

If you like learning patience, you’re in luck. A desperate nation will wait another four years to get a half-decent president. And that’s only a slim possibility. Based on deflating precedent, 2028 will feature an even more monumental disappointment as Kamala Harris defeats Tucker Carlson.

Serious problems indifferently roll forward while the clown battle royale proceeds. Unfathomable debt is going to become somehow even more unwieldy. Coincidentally, the government that does nothing is going to somehow provide even less value while draining enough life force to make vampires shake their heads.

Those still stubbornly hypnotized by fake gold are not as gullible, oblivious, delusional, and nasty as eight years ago. They’re much worse because of the ensuing stuff that happened, namely that whole term where their regent got what he wanted. There’s no more pretending they don’t know how a presidency would unfold with only his run as a game show host and steak salesman as examples. He sure seemed honest when he was telling the world how amazing he is as his meager empire teetered. Some curiously want to let him extend it nationwide, again.

Trump’s rather rare helpfulness is naturally inadvertent. The problem is voters, not who gets their votes. Sure, the chosen human deity will screw up life and everything about it. But allowing arrogant oafs to run our lives provokes guilt in a country with a choice of representation.

Noting government bites comes naturally to humans who prefer options. That whole selection process should mortify anyone registered. It’s not that there are than putting up the fakest leader and most genuine brat one more freaking time: it’s that not enough participants bother to look.