Teaching fear is a union success. Panic about everyday life is the only knowledge imparted to schoolchildren during the era of perpetual sickness. Why not be scared constantly when it’s all adults seem to have gleaned? If a decade or so being taught by the government is supposed to prepare attendees for life as a grownup, then the system has succeeded. Crying means you pay attention.

Get used to being told everything is about to kill us all, kids. Sitting next to schoolmates has been banned for your safety, which is a broader excuse used by all tyrants. That’s a big thing to learn about at such an early age. But schools want future grownups conditioned to expect awfulness. Youngsters notice what the allegedly mature don’t, like how everyone’s been wearing masks all this time and nobody seems healthier for it.

Aimless brats are free to wander through homes in which they’re locked. Try to limit their screen time before making them spend their entire supposed school day facing one. Containing classmates to isolation booths is certainly great for socializing. There are certainly no frightening consequences ahead from children rendered weird through endless alone time. Depriving impressionable young people of human contact is no worse than unfathomable debt dooming their futures.

Kindly adults better create eternal fear to help. Convincing youths breaths will kill is not a healthy way to learn science. Spreading nightmares is far more likely. Children aren’t safe in any sense, but at least they’re being taught that hiding from problems works.

On the bright side, it’s not like public schoolkids were learning much in the first place. Decreasing from basically zero to zero isn’t that far of a drop, although an infinity percent difference seems alarming. The issue of kids learning nothing despite years of alleged education is obviously caused by lack of funding. Uncannily, massive spending increases are never enough every other time, either. Please don’t notice the pattern of government involving itself in any aspect of life that once worked fine.

Adorable optimists think that the virus’s end will mean a similar conclusion for capsule education. It’s sweet to think there won’t be another excuse for keeping schools sealed. Glorified babysitters don’t want to return to being in the same room as icky children. Brace for indefinite virtual learning, minus the learning. Who doesn’t want progress? Television teaching means little ones reside in the future. Playing Jetsons is totally not an excuse to avoid going in to a job.

This is a good time to notice just who teacher unions care about most. As a hint, it’s the first word. Selfless members show just how dedicated they are to shaping the next generation by doing everything they can to not teach. Overwhelming evidence that kids aren’t virus-spreaders fails to dissuade government employees who promote education by ignoring what they don’t like.

Don’t you dare call workers who won’t work nonessential. It’s no wonder goons with education degrees don’t instill life skills when the primary lesson has been avoiding risk at all costs. The folly of attempting to get ahead without drawbacks also applies to economics, which is another thing not taught.

Schools’ charges learn inadvertent lessons, like how preening fear-mongering exacerbates a crisis. Stampeding away from the ruckus causes far more mayhem. Letting a virus shut down life has caused incalculable health damage. Unions teach whippersnappers to not care about anyone but themselves above all. Three-time substitute teacher of the year Peggy Hill was right: it really is for the freaking children.

Aggravated parents possess few other options. For now. Alleged public education has merely gotten worse since the zombie plague. There’s never been a better time to let all kids be private schoolkids. Unions couldn’t have created a better advertisement to get government out of the schooling business. Acting like a monopoly encourages competition. The state is too dim to realize.

True education doesn’t take the form of just getting money paid in back, or at least a little of it. Talking about giving every parent a voucher is a well-intentioned half-assed step. Remove the filter altogether to truly let teaching racket mobsters know they can’t keep getting paid to not impart knowledge. Cut out the middleman for efficient choice.

The baffling presumption that government is supposed to teach kids is as damaging as the results. You’d have to be quite the mendacious public employee to distort an example of when the entity succeeded at anything else. Hand over young people to an entity that doesn’t care by nature. Getting smarter is important, which is precisely why state-sponsored schools are an atrocious idea. Take an opportunity provided by a sick system to distance.

Buying things you use is awful. I know. But the best deals involve consumers spending as little as they can to get as much as possible. Watch prices lower as parents get to decide which school deserves to teach their progeny. Concurrently, property taxes will plummet as quickly as tuition. You mean the government shouldn’t make you pay for what you already own to not make kids brighter?

Prices drop uncannily when consumers have options. The outrageous idea that those who brought kids into the world should pay for what they consume infuriates those who seek communal credit for a reason. It’ll be easy easy to set up scholarships for underprivileged children to accept donations from liberals who care so much about helping the poor that they won’t do it voluntarily.

Teaching kids how much government sucks from an early age is the best lesson possible. They’re unfortunately learning in the worst manner. Poor experiment subjects grasp what’s being instructed even if politicians are unwilling to stand up to unions opposing it being taught in person. Not being in public school makes them brighter. Don’t offer thanks for mistaken instruction.

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