Remedial Lessons with the President

Anthony Bialy
4 min readOct 24, 2022

Frankenstein’s monster has the excuse of being created out of various corpses. By contrast, the president’s family has only one doctor, and Jill can’t even sew together a narrative. Curing her husband of his delusions is beyond even her totally amazing degree.

Joe Biden never learned his ideology causes harm, which is just another item to put on the list. Squeeze it in toward the top on account of how being unaware of his how much harm he’s inflicted is kind of all-inclusive.

It’s never too late to learn unless you’re a stubborn president on the verge of turning 80 who’s believed the same daft ideas for even longer than he’s been near microphones. Biden has dedicated his rather extensive lifetime to concepts that have either never been tried for good reason or should be discarded because they regrettably were.

The only thing worse than never seeing the world outside one’s thoughts is when the thinker is this incumbent. Biden is the precise opposite of Thomas Sowell. It’s one thing to reside in the realm of ideas if you understand how humans work. By contrast, Biden doesn’t understand how Velcro works.

Democrats just know how you should be acting. Recasting society in a totally beneficially way is their mission. Trifling details like recognizing the aftermath of every freaking time they’ve tried before will not deter them from fixing us.

Biden’s biggest contribution has been the idea that Biden’s power should be constrained. Virtually limitless executive power shows precisely why the presidency shouldn’t define a country. It’s almost like the Constitution’s signers knew one person shouldn’t get to do it all. Asterisk Americans who despised the country because Donald Trump was president got their wish, which is why you should never trust a genie.

All parts of life are presently fantastic. Also, rampaging criminals at least can’t siphon gasoline from empty tanks. Money is useless, but you can take all you’d like. A bonfire might keep you warm after magic alternative fuels don’t quite keep the temperature at a level that sustains humans.

We’re awful for this planet, anyway. This fragile Earth would be in much better shape if it were useless. Instead, supporting life means we rudely use some of its contents. Even worse are the successful amongst us with their carbon footprints reflecting the selfish desire to maintain a civilization. This poor White House copes with the quandary of loathing achievement yet needing it to fund their goofy plans.

Wealth is created by offering value. Biden tried to create it by printing money. Explain to a kindergartener why what seems like an awesome idea wouldn’t work, and the disappointed whippersnapper will understand the concept. Grownups have to use more monosyllabic words while addressing this particular president.

Taxing those who actually earned is bound to fund cash payments. Biden isn’t just an ironically greedy foe of thriving who’s demented enough to think spending what’s taken from others is selfless: he’s expressing manifested guilt over getting rich while doing nothing useful. Ranting against honest succeeders is the best distraction he can provide. It’s just one more thing at which he sucks.

Your president can’t grasp incentives, but that’s only because he’s been hidden from them while condemning them. Citizens don’t quite seem to be enjoying the consequences of an entire ideology based around warping what they think should come next.

From people working harder to subsidize those who don’t to presuming it’s just criminals obeying gun laws, everything is twisted with the warped results to match. Very compassionate White House staffers never actually run businesses or fire guns, but they sure have lots of advice. Their notions must surely be swell if the only way they can get people to obey is by law.

Oh so kindly branch lackeys presume everyone but them is a ghastly dolt incapable of biting a corn dog without hitting the stick. The only way to make their condescension worse is if they can’t recite the alphabet without singing, which is how it became the new presidential theme. A stubborn refusal to participate actually makes them feel they’re above the fray. Their perspective as disinterested loving federal overseers provides laughs at a time with so few of them.

Suffering the consequences each moment has not made Biden as popular as you’d think. His handlers are baffled why their incredible notions made fuel for cars and humans unobtainable. Honorary commies reflexively blame corporate greed, that cruelly selfish phenomenon that magically spiked the moment liberals started getting what they want. Eager confiscators of what others created want you to know about the pernicious persistence of avarice.

Lurching from one reaction to a crisis they caused to the next is one way to stay active. Reactionary panic doesn’t seem like an established ideology. Consistency takes the form of federal hassling in response to every occurrence. Breaking what’s not broken or leaving what is consistent even as they invent the details while scrambling to compensate for their earlier harm.

It’s fine to not have knowledge of a particular life aspect; not knowing lots of things defines our dumb species. But we still have to appreciate what others do. Biden knows how Gary Oldman should act and ABBA ought to harmonize. Zero worthwhile experience is only the start of an ever-addled alleged leader’s issues.

An utter lack of empathy is apparent in constant rotten misunderstandings of biology, chemistry, and physics wreaked by a primitive president. The present presidential entourage maintains they care about humans, which is why they demonize those who’ve accumulated fortunes while assuring those who have not that they are incapable. Spreading obtuseness makes those who have it feel more comfortable, and don’t you care about others?