Americans want to forget who’s president. The dream differs from a forgettable one or present office-holding hopeless hopeful Joe Biden, who forgets his first name. We should be jealous. Those blessed with liberty should have no idea who’s in charge. A good president is so successful that we need a moment to conjure the twerp’s name. Think about how long it’s been since that blessed condition came true to make today even bleaker.

The naturally forgetful incumbent still remembers to bother you. He has one purpose that sadly sticks in his thoughts. Trying to confiscate what’s yours for your own good is the last thing that would escape his shipwrecked mind. Biden can claim he’s saving Earth’s climate while bringing together nations on it, but we’re going to end up too broke to be scared.

The inherent urge to meddle with your affairs overlaps with a desire to hold office. Said affairs are just fine sans meddling. But you’re doing it all wrong, according to those who do nothing.

Politics is virtually never about inflicting fewer political ideas. You need your front pocket filled with funds taken from your back pocket, minus a percentage for the courtesy. It’s not like people would just hire or buy with what they’ve earned. Since when is motivation intrinsic?

Unrealistic optimists dream of a commander-in-chief who threatens villains instead of successful Americans. The frightening percentage who treat the latter as the former might find themselves in better financial condition if they didn’t hate anyone who makes more. They’ll never become who they envy most.

The lesson taught by wise guru Donald Trump should have been to not let him make you just as miserable. It’s unhealthy to be thinking of who’s head of state constantly, as seen in our recent cult of personality presidencies. This is a country that’s defined by not being hassled, if anyone remembers. Letting one person occupy all our thoughts is a bad sign for every relationship, especially when it’s between you and an allegedly free country’s head of state.

Take a mental health break by not having a president be involved in one’s thoughts. Four years of respite would be a good start. A lack of government solutions is the best solution.

The side against bothering you wins as it loses. Making the president irrelevant is an inherently conservative notion. I’m sorry to be a partisan who notes which viewpoint is better. But the most sensible political takes are based on realizing politics are awful. The debate should be about which leaders do so little that they’re barely even noticed, not pride for grand gestures from demagogues keen on showing you how to run your life. It’s a free courtesy aside from the taxes you pay voluntarily because you love the service.

The presidency is a job for those who want to let fellow Americans do their jobs. Biden has never worked, and it shows. The most prominent employee of a system he claims oppresses everyone but people of his age, race, and gender is out to fix everything despite a demonstrated ability to fix nothing.

Grabby bossy types just adore holding office in a country they find inherently unfair. But they’re not getting rich being useless while claiming productive people can’t get ahead. Taking it down from the inside is Joe’s dream as soon as he figures out how shirt buttons work. The hole is too narrow!

A government that doesn’t govern should be a sign of competence. Rational humans shouldn’t be cool with either Biden or Trump telling them what to do. Masseuses prefer you not imagine life without excessive executive involvement, as the lack of tense muscles could cut into appointments. Contraction experts think they know what’s best for you. A life dedicated to controlling your decisions isn’t as fulfilling for victims of such generosity.

Stop being proud of politicians. How can it be possible to think the most phony humans imaginable obtained power with Satan’s aid, much less wise at scheming? Naturally suspicious citizens should at best offer grudging acknowledgment that they’re not screwing up your day too much.

Shrewd political participants should especially despise those for whom they voted, as seduction can drain bank accounts. Keeping politicians accountable is our role. Despise the air they breathe for democracy.

True leaders trust their followers. Anyone exhausted by incursions hope those in charge are indifferent to free people living their lives. By contrast, Biden’s best hope is continuing to be such a bumbling putz that he can’t invade your workplace. If bitten by the right kind of radioactive bug, he might inadvertently become a small-government superhero for showing how his beliefs fail by nature. Save us by not inflicting too many of them. The populace is innocent.

Ineptness is the best possible outcome. Now, I feel inspired. Optimists cheer for broken promises from someone who makes absurd ones as easily as he exhales. The best case is someone with atrocious plans lies.

A president who doesn’t interdict by design would be even better than an addled ancient buffoon who should be wearing a bathrobe in a planned community instead of attempting to spend a few trillion dollars that aren’t his to help those he takes it from get rich. Seek a president who avoids messing with what’s yours like Biden, only on purpose.

Cranky as a lifestyle choice.