Risky Dodging

Anthony Bialy
4 min readFeb 2


Foolish humans used to think existence automatically included drawbacks. Such negative vibrating occurred in the primitive era before our top visionaries realized that passing a law was all it took to be free from fear. You can even skip the bill part if you’re blessed enough to reside in a particularly progressive state featuring a fearless leader who streamlines the process via loving orders. Silly checks and balances stand in the way of efficient living.

Our wisest observers of human behavior think danger can be vanquished. The good news is nobody has anything to lose wagering. You will notice that nobody trying to insulate you from harm has ever created anything others acquire voluntarily. It must be the market that cruelly keeps this world’s brain trust from helping. The frustrating everyday experience of White House staffers gets projected upon those who can actually do something valuable. Stupid life doesn’t comply.

Of course Joe Biden makes it worse. How else would he contribute? Protecting Americans from the vagaries of the day makes each of them bleak. Our incumbent savior works by indulging in uninhibited spending on impulse items means citizens can’t afford groceries that are out of stock, anyway. He thinks we’re poor and makes it so in a second sense. Such sophisticated absurdist comedy creates unappreciated irony.

Life might contain exposure to peril. I’m sorry to disappoint Biden voters. You could wear an astronaut suit and reduce the exposure to airborne infection. You could also ensure a bus never hits you by permanently staying inside. Mandating what hazards are acceptable negates the human ability to constantly assess what’s worth it. As a result, everything becomes worthless.

Stability isn’t a blessing for pour souls suffering from seemingly permanent federal interference. Figuring people are too dim to address their own issues is the same as this rather regrettable White House’s other approaches.

Paying for what you use is such a ripoff. Why should you have to compensate others for what’s furnished? A bill is particularly appalling when specially-trained humans use their expertise in saving life use special medicines and products to halt disease. Health providers are framed as indulging in abject cruelty for addressing ailments as a career.

By contrast, insurance meddling is based in the notion that our imbecilic politicians in our dumb government can cure our ills. The most certain way to create affordability is to make every single business compete for customers, including those who feel unwell. But the convalescent never get a chance to change beds. Our savings get sicker with every federal cure.

Seeking to eradicate fear is surely practical. Big dreamers exacerbate economic uncertainties by trying to pretend they can be ducked. The deliberately confused don’t think natural rights are real while treating artificial ones as a given. Anything anyone produces for you is not a right, since the case against slavery apparently needs to be reviewed. Alleged guarantees make acquiring stuff more challenging aren’t as amusing in cruelty as possible.

A governmental effort to avoid something drags down everything. Elected fools promise a life without risk is just a few bill signings away. But signatures just create more of them. The ink won’t even dry before alleged beneficiaries find even less stuff is more easily stolen.

Seeing government as central to life instead of a necessary hassle leads to thinking troubles can be eliminated. It’s true that challenges can be minimized. But it requires trusting those affected to recalibrate and negotiate. Authorities interdicting prevent discovering solutions. Their answer is to say problems should be illegal.

Pushing around kids may be as shameful as it gets, but liberals like to note it’s easy. Inflicting awful policies on whippersnappers trains them for an adulthood of getting hassled for the crime of obeying the rules, whether it be wanting to defend oneself or keep earned income. Children lunching silently while sitting on pavement outside should create a longterm pandemic of guilt for the bullies responsible.

Sure, executives circumventing the legislative process for our salubriousness made us sicker. But at least the healing prophets are up in your face. Even those who are lucky enough to not be coping with long COVID are infected. Victimhood continues even as we have been graciously permitted to trade and interact. Sadistic bastards couldn’t have manufactured more danger to mental health. The worst part is I’m almost certain they weren’t trying.

Don’t do anything crazy while making a decision like listing the pluses and minuses of each option. There’s no greater sign of delusion than the inability to analyze simple tradeoffs. Unfortunately, many of the unequipped hold office.

A job based on winning votes leads to neglecting basic upsides and downsides, which most humans learn at about age four. But kindergarten is too advanced for big planners who think making us rely on the Sun’s mood for power will spur the economy. Unrealistic dupes are awful at money, too. Nobody else is surprised.

Beating inflation is just one diktat away. The bravest leaders order prices to drop just like compulsory hiding from the virus would’ve worked if the governor issued a decree worded just properly. It’s citizens’ fault for not complying with idling exactly so. You’re doing it all wrong. It’s no wonder you think life features obstacles that can be navigated with a bit of judgment. Why do you even vote?



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