Making the case against horrid government ruining your life while making you broke for the privilege is apparently an insurmountable challenge. The contemporary presumption that every aspect requires mandated interdiction is healthy aside from going broke while feeling poor. It’s not like this is a country founded on being unbothered or anything.

Free markets are so much better than allegedly free stuff. A place where you can buy what you’d like that’s not even a place might be tricky to envision. But it beats waiting for provisions to arrive from capital warehouses. Eliminating other options is a sure sign of confidence in a product.

Dependence is easier as long as you don’t mind feeling like less than a person. You’re told you’re incapable of buying your own stuff. Then, those who informed you of life’s impossible challenges ruin the economy to make their despondent outlook true.

There are better ways to control the future. Relying on someone else is a sure way to make humans feel both capable and productive. Keep laughing at liberals who profess their desire to be independent before expecting government to cover their bills.

Someday, our best financial scientists will learn why prices are so high when competition is removed. Democratic geniuses spend much of their days pondering just why products are so dang expensive as they bill the government instead of those using them. Clearly, we must work to make things freer. Washington is an entity known for shrewd negotiation, especially since it’s not spending its own money or using what’s bought.

You can get away with not repaying a mob loan for about a week if you’re skilled at hiding. Any spending done during the time in between feels glorious. A careful binging of The Sopranos indicated you’ll pay for it eventually. Someone else gets ripped off for alleged selflessness. It’s not just philosophical: the CEO taxed to fund insurance that the government’s very involvement make costly won’t hire you if he’s punished for running a successful company. We really are in this together.

Not wanting people to have health care seems a little cruel. Who would be on that side? Liberals would really have a point if their foes were as awful as they imagine. As usual, there’s no evidence. Failing to understand opposing arguments is one way to be tolerant.

The refusal to accept insurance could be affordable and decent if buyers bought it directly is disregarded by those who are either nefarious liars or woefully ignorant. Now, that’s a debate. It’s easy to win arguments when foes are evil. As with their programs, they need there to be no competition.

It seems almost too obvious to call government services crummy, but the depressing political environment indicates this is a time for reviewing the basics. Anyone citing anything of quality from public spending receives another federal product as a prize. There won’t be any handed out.

When has government ever done anything well? It’s rhetorical. Listing its accomplishments takes less time than noting when Joe Biden has been lucid. The bullet points will fit on the back of a page-a-day calendar sheet with plenty of room left for an errands list. And the rare success involve the opposite of creating health.

The government’s good at ending lives, as seen in Hiroshima, Gettysburg, and Chosin. Federal efficiency only happens while doing one of its actual jobs, namely offing people to win wars. Single-payer systems have similar kill rates.

Presume an entity designed to oversee legal disputes should be involved in every single life aspect. The rest of the world sucks for a reason. It wasn’t just random chance that allowed America to be the best.

Government’s embracers either scoff at the notion or believe a combination of random luck and the wealthy exploiting the proletariat enable opulence. Meanwhile, a wide range of welfare states strive for mediocrity while announcing more intervention is necessary to even have a hope of surviving woefully. Remember what your mom told you about the folly of copying your idiotic friends, as it applies globally, as well.

There sure is a lot of expectation that the state should provide for you in an allegedly free country. Some never believed in the first place. Dependency fans love everything about America except its parts. Alphabet soup panderers think it’s super once it ditches antiquated notions like mutual exchange and natural rights. Let’s be patriotic by getting rid of icky guns and permitting what they call hate speech, which is anything noting biology or economics.

Buying your own only seems cruel. It’ll be better, from infinitely higher quality to the pride felt upon obtaining one’s own goods. And it won’t be as much as liberals have made them. It’s uncanny how affordable things like insurance, tuition, and housing can be if you’re negotiating with sellers instead of letting politicians be your buyer.

Those fixing the problem were causing it, which is almost a clever way to stay in office. The downside of spending your own money offers a way better deal than the satanic lure of free. The Devil is more honest about costs.

A system based on quality winning out could use a sales pitch. Stand up to demonizing from apocalyptic lunatics whose only contribution is baseless predictions. An actual conservative can act like Trump pretended to do. Spending that’d make Barack Obama blush was one way to show he was a rugged self-made success. One politician able to explain you’ll have more money if the government doesn’t take so much would help a lot. It’s the only necessary federal assistance.

Cranky as a lifestyle choice.