Self-Own the Libs

Anthony Bialy
4 min readFeb 12, 2024

Liberals hate coping with liberalism, which you’d think might convince them something’s wrong. But blaming everyone else is too thoroughly ingrained. Those who pushed continual catastrophes on us seem even less pleased than pleasant people, which offers small comfort while dealing with what they think.

Culprits should be the least surprised. Lamentably, destructors still don’t realize just who leveled everything. Perpetrating victims really thought their ideals would spur joyous prosperity, and the fact they must suffer along with the rest of us offers little comfort.

There are ample chances to wallow in suffering during these days of voters forgetting that everything promised by Democrats is destined to turn out precisely backward. Trying the ideas on the Cold War’s losing side is unhelpful as long as there’s no consistency. You might think test tube fetishists who claim to embody science would oppose fighting conclusions, but getting things wrong is how they’re consistent. Run the experiments once more to ensure they’re peer-reviewed.

Migrants are great until they migrate. At the least, they should stop in icky conservative states on the nation’s edge. Democrats can’t stop bragging about how much they adore making America a communal workers’ paradise minus the work. Abolishing private property in every sense starts with erasing the border. This is truly the land of incentives, as seen inadvertently and perversely when the Party of Kamala encourage anyone who wants to stroll on it. Meanwhile, citizens are hassled for defending themselves or transferring a couple hundred bucks through online payment.

Your bosses thought we were all in this together, which means they inflict the same woe on everyone. You might expect the biggest flaunters might be glad to have the guests the invited in camping on their doorsteps. It’s not just Texas getting to add to their diversity mosaic. All these new neighbors create a net positive, right? The fact we don’t know permanent visitors’ backgrounds just creates opportunities to ask questions during conversations. A country they loathe must accept anyone who wants to enter. It’s just they have to live over there.

Sophisticated policy specialists tried treating guns as the villains. The devices respond indifferently. Humans holding them have no choice, according to those with an ulterior motive in diverting attention from decisions. Struggling criminals are turned into felonious monsters by diabolical shooties. It’s ironically their own spreading of poverty that leads to the crime they excuse, which is the worst of many ways they obliviously prove their point.

Allegedly enchanted implements only become dangerous when the virtuous aren’t allowed to have them. Liberals demand gun control that they already have, which is not merely a sign of ingratitude. If you think them not grasping that they successfully implemented their desired policies in numerous locales is bad, wait until you hear about the failure to stop inflation.

The body count associated with blaming guns can’t be countered by the self-righteousness of acting like one more restriction would’ve done it. Keeping the law-abiding from discouraging attacks goes against the nation’s values and rulebook. Free people are allowed to defend themselves, and every part of that offends Democrats. They don’t think of themselves as free, which means nobody else gets to see themselves in those terms, either.

As with every bit of liberalism, they always need more. There have not been enough rights unilaterally confiscated to stop a virus. We need even higher taxes to get the economy rolling. And the next round of gun control will finally be the one that halts criminals who obey every other law.

Moaning that pirates plunder their few remaining possessions is where controlling guns and the economy meet. Criminals are the only ones treated as victims as presumed innocence gets taken too far. There’s a procedure whereby those who leave evidence of committing offenses are arrested, allowed to offer a defense, then convicted if they can’t sucker jurors. But the option gets lightly used in a time where outlaws are people who don’t surrender more to the IRS, insist on cooking with natural gas, and lie about losing elections.

We’re all as rich as each other. That seems like a cruel trick played by a genie. A tremendous amount of currency shows that supply and demand are applied consistently. At least this pathetic economy has discouraged materialism. There’s no choice. Aspiring buyers take in more money than can be counted, which only makes trying to muster sufficient funds to buy a second slice of bread to officially finish building a sandwich.

Presuming their incredible notions would cure humanity’s sicknesses has made everyone ill. The pushy faction got exactly the leaders they wanted spending the entirety of seized fortunes on schemes whose preposterousness mean nobody will fund them voluntarily. That offered a pretty big clue about the ensuing results. But betting with their own money has never interested Democrats.

Those with the worst ideas naturally oppose individuality. Imposing their wretched ideology requires coercion, which is surely a reflection of desirability. An accumulation of little schemes worked so terrifically in their minds that it almost seems like we shouldn’t have spoiled it by actually trying them. Can we please stop trying them?

Blaming a robust America for other nations loathing us and toughness on crime for its existence turns out like anyone who’s good at noticing things predicted. Fans of shock hate the outcomes their policies. It’s nice to share common ground. The fact Democrats hate worthless money and their new makeshift neighbors should inspire hope as a sign they’re still capable of accurately experiencing reality. The connection is trickier, as it involves self-awareness. Fleeing to Red States then proclaiming everything about them is swell but their politics is a good and bad sign.