Doing what you’d like is cruel to society. Haven’t you thought of others? Selfishness now means not surrendering to what others demand. Those demanding compliance with what they wish are truly thinking of others. They just happen to think compliance with their own needs is paramount.

I still can’t believe you dare to think of yourself. What sort of brain is that? Sure, pursuing one’s own dreams allows everyone to interact and haggle, which leads to helping others as a byproduct. But individuals pursuing their particular interests reflects an alarming lack of central planning.

You sure are parasitic pursuing financial interests that others mooch off of, claim the moochers. An economy is nothing more than finding another party for trade, whether it’s buying, selling, working, or employing. Negotiating with other parties voluntarily would be good practice for those out to force purchases. Similarly, dealing with other parties representing their own interests leads to respect, which mystifies those who think it must be ordered.

Spending what’s earned is even more outrageous. You’re supposed to hand over funds to the collective for altruism. Bucks belong to us all, according to those who crave spending what others earned.

How else would you spur prosperity: buying things? Getting stuff you need or want helps everyone from waiters to warehouse janitors. Our interests were interlinked all along, which you’d think would please those who love sharing everyone’s capital.

Kicking the Earth makes fortunes in a shadowy way that tycoons won’t disclose. Many conglomerates apparently pollute for profit, which is just another way commerce critics demonstrate their thorough understanding of how value is created. It’s tough for those who believe tradeoffs can be traded away to grasp how minimizing consequences beats thinking they can be eliminated without grave results.

Nothing saves the Earth like liking your money. It’s in the interests of everyone with a stake to be as efficient as possible. Squandering resources or energy means less leftover cash. A government deciding how to allot resources doesn’t quite seem as invested in tracking every dollar. Black clouds over commie nations weren’t just figurative.

Making a virtue of making a show makes us miserable. “We’re all in this together” has been the ceaseless infection’s most frightening catchphrase disguised as calming unity. You’re told you must do something to make others healthy, which is supremely scientific consensus that just happens to conform with leftist policy philosophy. The toughest part is pretending they’re not having fun treating this as a communal moment.

Using a pandemic to pimp collective dreams is even more ghastly considering how dreadful their ideas are. If you trust the vaccine, you find yourself wondering why the mandate-minded are so concerned about needle-dodgers at a time when anyone who got the shot shouldn’t be panicking. They can’t stop minding other people’s business in case the evidence wasn’t obvious.

Acting like individual rights have perpetrated the pandemic sure is convenient. It’s uncanny how every situation confirms the state-loving worldview as long as you don’t look carefully. Those who developed eye-rolling skills while having their basic interactions denied notice the creepy uniform vibe hasn’t stopped the virus any more than pooling money fights poverty. It’s so awful of you to not wear a mask just because there’s zero evidence they’ve stopped anything but proper respiration.

Coercion is a symptom of kindness. Very generous liberals won’t help voluntarily. It’s conveniently far trickier to track just how much hive members have personally contributed to the capital-sized slush fund. Nothing signifies contempt for humanity like forced charity. Anyone making a show of how important it is to assist fellow humans invariably demands the ever-loving and notoriously efficient government makes them do so.

Those outraged at the lack of forced cooperation will be pleased to learn just how much of their agenda is already in place. The state’s fans think we’re living in Galt’s Gulch. Meanwhile, the level of intervention into our lives is on par with living on the wrong side of Berlin. Alleged progressives always mix up which side of the Wall had people climb over it. Ayn Rand’s nonfictional villains been demanding forced cooperation without realizing we already have it. I’m sure that’s the only thing they misperceive about the world.

The biggest kvetchers are the truly guilty. Ironic obliviousness is nothing new. Forcing daftness on others by law is a sign they always miss about their unsustainable ideology because they enjoy pushiness so much. Who’d turn down a chance to call those doing what they desire enemies of the people? Well, anyone into liberty would. But there’s no need to debate when the whole point of a belief system involves enforcing it.

Those allied with the collective aren’t just trying to conceal their own lack of marketable skills. People who only get joy from tailgating the achievements of others are unhappy others might be experiencing joy in individual pursuits.

Bullying follows the same patterns from the junior high lunchroom to adulthood. Proclamations about how much harm dissenters cause to life in general are unscientific in any sense, but evidence isn’t important to those who insist upon compliance.

The only thing lustily participants in harassment of individual rights create is irony. It’s truly selfish to make everyone buy your preferred atrocious insurance, attend garbage schools, and fund inferior federal products. Even if they were capable of recognizing irony, each member would be scared to laugh first.

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