There will be no passport for those who were right about the virus. Acting smug isn’t really the style for anyone with such rational foresight, unlike those who think they saved us by hassling us. Hysteria that exacerbated sickness strained allegiance to science while making people broke in every sense. But at least we know self-satisfaction is no vaccination.

Lockdowns that didn’t lock down the virus were at least super fun. Did you enjoy the latest dance craze broadcast to social media? Endless cringing made me jealous of New York nursing home residents, too. Devastation from illness was supposed to be slowed by not earning. It was the best of both worlds otherwise.

Shutting down human interaction is one way to learn what the economy is. The process is nothing more than negotiation in interaction. Trying to make a living while being told it’s a tradeoff that’ll cost lives doesn’t quite make living easy.

Natural restricters are still acting like free exchange is a process that harms participants, environments, and now well-beings. Demonizing capitalism is favored by particularly useless people who see dealing as some monstrosity that promotes selfishness over humanity. Acquiring what’s desired by offering what’s possessed is infinitely superior to waiting for a pittance funded by printing presses.

A faceless entity that churns out profits at the expense of humans sounds bad. But governments showed what business is by halting basic trading. Free markets are not operated by a switch. They’re presently flicked on and off by desperate Democratic governors.

Separating precisely six feet kept us worlds apart. That would just happen to be a distance that’s easy to remember, which makes it very scientific. Sure, separation did nothing but deprive us of human contact, but at least we got to feel self-satisfied alone.

Similarly, it happened to take exactly one hundred days more of wearing masks to beat this persistent infection. We’re blessedly that deep into Joe Biden’s presidential and our prison term. Plagues proceed as usual.

It’ll be another two weeks to stop the spread, so quit bitching. Eternal temporary measures are the government’s specialty. Now, the state is on steroids. The drug of power has even worse side effects than rage and a shriveled set.

If masks worked, they would’ve worked by now. They’re so effective that people must wear them for a second year. Icky stifled breathing is either as useless as a Biden presidency or prolonging agony. But breathing impediments serve the important function of showing the world how much you care.

Virtue signaling regrettably doesn’t halt pandemics, as we’d be packed into restaurants and stadiums a year ago while shielded by sanctimony. Naturally and sadly, even wholesale victory wouldn’t stop limiting who can sit where. Constant interdictions are conveniently dehumanizing. Not being paranoid would be much easier if there were not a literal sign of who’s being controlled.

It must be bigotry behind calling a commie monstrosity inept liars. Demonizing those who noticed China’s demonic failure or scheme infected the globe is just what Mao would want. People can’t differentiate between a global supervillain and Americans of Asian descent, according to brilliant anti-racists. We somehow managed to not punch those whose grandparents emigrated from Russia just because the Soviet Union had more nukes pointed at free countries than potatoes to feed its own citizens.

The least scientific cult around is complicit in falling for the Empire State’s Ted Bundy. Andrew Cuomo is singlehandedly responsible for the virus’s worst death toll, which is fitting for someone who provoked the subprime mortgage global economic meltdown’s worst radioactive leaks. Of course his brainwashed masses in the media and otherwise should’ve listened to those not enchanted, as there would be a lot more grandparents at graduations today. But at least hes a serial harasser and unpleasant human who’s making the erstwhile Empire State an economic powerhouse by raising goddamn taxes again.

A communal fetish is uncannily popular amongst those who think only the horde can stop illness. The endless pandemic happens to be a chance to say we’re all in this together. Flaunting the alleged need for universal compliance offers a convenient segue into making everything public property. Don’t bother waiting for answers for why it’s important for others to be vaccinated if it works so well.

Begging to be controlled should be left to private tabs. Instead, virus preeners applaud every rights restriction, unmasked airline ejection, and proof of vaccination requirement. Self-fluffers sadly think they’ve been protected by giving up decisions. It’s astounding how lustily rights disappear. Public perverts getting off on pretending to aid others respond to every limp politician’s useless pushiness with cheering if they weren’t demanding stronger interdictions sooner.

Frightened Earth residents can’t be protected from a pandemic with enchanted face cloak protection any more than one can dodge buying groceries. Craving an assurance is as natural as it is daft. Society ended up with a virus rampaging as everyone hid from it. The political science is settled. Demanding rights be seized is the worst symptom. It’s lasting longer than this stupid virus.

Those who said emergency powers were uncalled for get to know they were right as their rights are still molested. Opposing overreach offers little consolation as we wait in vain for normal interactions to be permitted again in a perfectly twisted take on how life should be structured. Even if we’re benevolently granted the right to watch a movie while breathing freely, the ghastly precedent remains.

Vindication means nothing when those who bossed society without a legislature’s approval got away with power trips. Leaders got every intervention they wanted and results were as bad as projected. They just need to make us stand 12 feet apart preemptively.

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