Free thinking leads to decisions, which means differences. Stop it right now. Switch brains to the same channel for unity. There’s a startling lack of compliance from unmutual citizens with the temerity to suggest office-fillers might not know how the world works. However much government has taken, some will demand more. The lack of utter authority is why your elected regents keep screwing up.

Pro-virus forces have some nerve noticing lockdowns have locked down everything but the virus. Avoid the horror of a conclusion that goes against absolute truth as proclaimed by a governor who learned science at law school. Craving being bossed is the worst symptom. The desire to be controlled involves the sort of searches that should be kept in private tabs.

Demanding punishment for those possessing the audacity to interact is how to love fellow humans. The real violators are the same ones ordering restaurants closed for having tables within five feet. Deciding sick people should be roommates with the elderly is the most outrageous reality show yet. A sitcom in a nursing home isn’t quite as hilarious.

Politicians who don’t understand politics are surely wise about science. Political science majors think they’re the same as the test tube kind. Humans so useless they need to run for office to get paychecks will protect you from invisible plagues. They’re going to decide just how effective masks and space are for good one of these months. Dine with your face covered through 2033 at home. Your spouse has to live elsewhere.

The urge to surrender stuff and rights to those least deserving is lamentably bipartisan. Alleged conservatives supposedly into freedom just want their own strongman.

Outgoing loser Donald Trump’s inherent weakness just adds cruel irony to the agony. Solutions that create far worse outcomes than the issues are the government’s specialty. Inflicting more woe gives our benevolent autocrats more things to solve. You wouldn’t want them to feel useless, would you? Stop being cruel.

There’s genuinely fake comfort in pretending winning an office grants the ability to manage how mean and stupid life is. Edicts from the innately shortsighted are the one thing guaranteed to exacerbate.

Politicians creating new disasters while not solving old ones should be the most memorable lesson. But people forget deliberately because they don’t want to accept that life can’t be managed. Or, they’re very stupid. An entity that specializes in extinguishing blazes with napalm overpaid to mix gasoline with detergent.

Shutting down life to save life makes as much sense as everything else our clumsy semi-ruling entity does. It seems like they’re in control, which is the worst kind. There’s a sorta official quality that makes their tyrannical bumbling feel official. The government couldn’t screw this up: that’d be illegal.

Ruling wasn’t absolute, which is why it ruined your life even more. Politicians will guarantee health if only there’s utter participation. Blaming those ghastly alleged humans who exhale freely is a sure way to alleviate suffering. A desire to be governed is the same impulse that prompts those craving protection from life’s vicissitudes to call for steady payouts, unlimited free health care, and banning guns to end crime. There’s certainly no way reality could operate in defiance of a signed bill.

You’d be free now if you had been violated more then. People in this rather liberated moment can choose to watch any show at any time. Meanwhile, a sad percentage of residents here in the futuristic present demand to get insurance from a monolithic entity whose performance is thoroughly linked to how it never has to impress customers.

An era set up for autonomy should push independence to the forefront, but only by choice. Devices which enable access to all information ever without the burden of standing up and walking to the encyclopedia set. And people dishearteningly use the amazing power of limitless knowledge to access tweets of particularly onerous politicians in order to receive fundamentally flawed instructions. We’ve deployed the worst sort of agents.

Claiming the latest initiative is for the common good ensures something bad’s looming. Oh: you want to ride a rollercoaster? That unsafe contraption could plunge incorrectly at any time. It’s more important to be alive. Never mind that innumerable restrictions have led to massive poverty and despair without welcome effect.

Those who assign points to how nonessential activities are would surely thrive in the private sector. Our unofficial doctors have kind extended a two-week shutdown indefinitely for our benefit. Sure, we’re no healthier, but at least we kept people from earning money and experiencing pleasantness. Cutting off living to safe life except for the living part is very different than every stupid last thing government has done before.

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