Take What’s Not Given

A brutal beating is the reward for being ordered around by careless bullies. Complaining about the prize means receiving more of it, so pipe down. The pandemic was just the start of agony for your benefit. Our perpetually sluggish economy forgot to reopen. Business experts who have never ran a business thought prosperity would return like flipping a switch. Unfortunately, it was powered by California’s grid.

Poor restaurants can’t content themselves with trying to make a couple cents from providing customers with an enjoyable way of ingesting energy. Heartless advice from those who don’t need to work in the industry to know precisely how to profit with ease applies to every industry. Cruel dolts shrugging at skyrocketing costs and saying pay employees more shouldn’t talk with their mouths full or empty.

Dinner peddlers are just another type of merchant shrieked at for raising prices. It makes them like everyone else selling anything. Condemning the messenger is a favorite hobby of very responsible adults who inflict burdens others bear.

It’s not like people can afford to make their own meals. Old-timers remember the quaint era when cooking for oneself reflected prudent financial responsibility. Retaining enough money by not paying someone to make fries kept a bank account full. But in this emaciated era, the luxury of paying others to combine ingredients in a different kitchen is tougher than discovering a galaxy not plagued by inflation.

Getting coerced for the common bad is the same with electric cars. Higher gas prices were the plan all along to force consumers to buy plugmobiles to save Earth. Joe Biden should thank Putin for implementing his agenda.

If gasoline were affordable, vehicle owners would just be depressed about having nowhere to go. Aimless motoring might inspire participants to think they’re free, which leads to even more issues with challenging mindless authority. Making what literally fuels civilization too costly so they can save Earth isn’t helping said planet or those on it.

You may notice a natural revulsion to being penalized for the crime of traveling, so those whose policies hearken to the Stone Age have to pretend making gasoline more costly than plutonium will shepherd in the future. Taking credit for a slight drop after they caused a tremendous hike isn’t fooling anyone any more than being excused from paying bills.

It’s not that Biden wants Russia to use nukes, but mushroom clouds sure would distract from inflation. Fallout might then be a problem. It’s too late to duck and cover.

Free cash has a catch. Precocious kindergarteners might have figured out that being handed all the currency you can spend doesn’t work. A president born before D-Day still can’t figure it out.

This unsellable White House gets how exchange works in a sick way. Putzing foes of commerce know enough to treat free citizens like experiment subjects who are motivated by avoiding fearful results. The only market understanding takes the form of issuing pain to implement daft schemes that need to be compulsory for good reason. Punishing the law-abiding for trying to earn their fortunes while treating criminals like sufferers will make even liberals with the bloodiest hearts miss alleged oppression.

Getting away with something differs entirely from whether something’s correct. It’s mean to end up justifying the means justifying the ends. The present executive branch pretends the former proves the latter. Presuming citizens will just accept the overwhelming infiltration as an inevitability shouldn’t be such a safe bet.

Botching lurching is government’s specialty. The behemoth that inflicted the TSA isn’t about to employ foresight or subtlety. Those with the temerity to travel are forced to just accept that one diabolical loser two decades ago concealing a bomb in his footwear means you have to wander about the security area in our socks for eternity.

Don’t let the most diabolical keep inflicting damage. Terrorists may as well have known American flyers would be hassled just like China new aspiring gubernatorial dictators figured they would paralyze their foe via alleged adversaries citing imaginary emergency powers to make their economies collateral victims. Stop doing the bidding of bad guys. Overwhelming power in the hands of underwhelming humans causes endless irksome hassles.

Our guardians forgot to stop harassing. Not getting to be free is for our benefit, so we sure are lucky for continual bothering. Pushy alleged leaders are so accustomed to saving us from ourselves that they wanted to continue indefinitely. Their kindness is boundless.

Abusers of quite limited powers don’t even need an excuse. Enemies of cops know they’d abuse the law if they enforced it, and psychological projection has way too many real-world examples. The work of elected despots is so crucial that they can’t be constrained by checks and balances. They sidestep barriers to collective utopia in case we’re feeling silly and want to decline having our rights confiscated so we can finally enjoy stress-free living.

I’m sure constitutional authors just wanted to deny the joy that follows streamlining. Ancient historians believed governmental efficiency used to prevent it for everyone else. That’s exactly the sort of dissent that needs to be eliminated if we’re interested in being brought together for communal harmony. It’s not like you have a choice.


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