Talking Replacing Doing

It’s too bad smugness doesn’t cure illness or poverty, as government fans might have actually accomplished something. Anyone capable of paying attention knows liberals are all talk, which is the natural result of never achieving anything. Note grandiose plans create the precise opposite of results to be called a bigot. Crackpot theories that constitute their ideology work perfectly in their heads. Announcing how much they care about their future victims is how they put principles into practice.

Unveiling super societal molds is especially popular now when breathing is lethal. The ceaseless pandemic has gotten government in their lives, only on meth. Tweaking governors spend 37 consecutive awake hours disassembling our toasters to fix them.

Making legislatures redundant should’ve brought uncontainable joy, according to statists who argue it’s this dumb republic which halts progress. Yet states that were woeful pre-plague just grew even more deserted unless cemeteries count. Praising failed zombie hellholes is how liberals distract from their ideology in action. Pretending states where residents can take figurative and literal breaths of fresh air will kill us all just takes ignoring results.

The power of suggestion should alter human nature one of these decades. Practitioners feel orders to change life itself work on themselves. It’s a nice way of saying they believe their own lies. Take claiming Florida and Texas are semi-eternally on the verge of becoming virus death zones. Sure, apocalyptic proclamations haven’t technically become reality. But saying doom looms if humans are unleashed is the only way those who get scared on your behalf can win elections, and they’re certainly not about to look for work.

Hyperventilating over the disaster they claim is pending while disregarding the actual Grim Reaper overtime shifts in Blue States has made the pandemic a perfect inadvertent illustration of ideology. By contrast, laid-back states are not only open for business but also don’t have to worry about New York’s teetering corpse mountains collapsing on the living. Raise buzzard meat by leaving Andrew Cuomo’s dead victims in the streets. Worshiping an inept psychopath whose greatest achievement was concealing widespread death he caused from his cult for a few months shows the religion of progressivism’s core creed.

Spreading what was supposed to be contained just served as the latest and most prominent screwup from an entity that ruins the lives it protects. Vigorous interdiction during an emergency turned an awful illness into the worst-case Dustin Hoffman movie. Shrieking as if every command health autocrats demanded weren’t in place is a nice touch, especially if a seemingly ill-considered reflex was actually a planned distraction. Progressives were victimized by getting all they wanted. Success at suckering voters requires pretending they got nothing.

The greatest human mystery remains how one gets to the political philosophy based around government being super at everything. Name anything it’s improved for the toughest Jeopardy! category ever. Glorious outcomes they pretend will occur doesn’t count no matter how practitioners tally in their heads. Projections based on lunatic presumptions tend not to work out. Those constructing a blissful new world never factor in people responding negatively to, say, a tax hike, which is the same reason they’re not into researching consequences.

It never occurs to those begging for a minimum wage hike to work for a raise. But we all win if someone is paid more, you mathematical ignoramus. Employees spend paychecks which helps the economy, no? Forget where money comes from, namely you if you’re a customer.

Changing genders is the apex of science. Useless mandates that shut down autonomy weren’t enough of an imposition. Now, the Woke Patrol ensures you’re not allowed to think for yourself, as paying attention to biology infringes upon the personal authenticity of the wholly inauthentic. Recognize their confidence by how they damn anyone who dares dissent. Contemporary witch hunters work at Amazon and in Twitter’s terms of service division.

The presumption their beliefs are humane shows how funny liberals are. Stifling dissent is even more hilarious. Those who hold that the government delivers efficient health care claim their takes are the only option, as anyone opposing their kind and thoughtful stances must be on the side of Satan. Such airtight logic could only be more charming if it kept failing constantly. I blame reality for rudely smashing their architecture.

Compassion junkies are hooked on ignorance. Noticing how much agony their policies inflict is the only way to exacerbate their preening. Outcomes are never as happy as their dreams.

Taking what’s yours to fix your problems is like Cuomo trying to find the real grandma-killer. Reduction of government fixes the alleged cure. Please stop helping us. Any tax slashing alleviates strife.

Conversely, raising rates disrupts the chain from disincentivizing success to draining money that could be used on goods or wages. Speaking of which, people who think running a business means trading a soul demand cruel tycoons raise payment by law. Hmmm, maybe companies could increase wages if the compassionate government wasn’t draining them. The difference between liberals and vampires is the latter possess enough sense to not consume too much blood from those upon which they feed.

There’d be fewer victims if taxes plummeted, and what fun would that be? Having fewer struggling humans to help denies others a chance to flaunt decency. Those fortunate enough to be doing okay could help with charity, especially since there’s more capital not being gobbled up. But that whole voluntary business is as toxic to government aficionados as earning a raise.

Woke overlords demand diversity in every superficial category but not for ideas. Differing opinions frighten them as much as voluntary interaction. Check out their mandatory schemes for a glimpse of what they’re sure is perfected life.

Anything where humans can make decisions without permission freaks planning junkies. They strive to make agreeing with them compulsory just like their policies. One beautiful day, they’ll finally end pesky dissent from those who notice they’re full of it.

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