Ruin finances to save Earth. Oh: you find the first more valuable? I guess globe-punching for a buck beats doing it just for fun. The profit contraption is a supremely cruel device designed to create nothing but profits for those born owning it. Meanwhile, self-made humans turn on cruelly indifferent contraptions that clear old-growth forest while profiting off feeding plastic bags to poor ocean creatures. Until there is a method for sellers providing what buyers need with incentives for efficiently using resources, we’ll just have to stick with scorching. Hurry to enjoy shade before billionaires beat you to the last tree.

Being denied its benefits didn’t inspire many of those suffering to learn just what the economy is. If painful experience isn’t teaching, then reading certainly won’t make the lesson settle. The treasure of responding to what others need is the one useful lesson to take away from a regrettable little era. Instead, a high percentage will take Treasury checks.

The world is full of issues to address, so we may as well get together to figure out if we can trade to at least temporarily alleviate. If you’re hungry, sick, or sad, find a Sonic, doctor, or streaming service that will respectively accept currency to change your respective conditions. Paying others to fix what’s wrong is not exploitation but an acknowledgment of reality. Eschewing the necessity of exchanges just makes them trickier, but you can try again if scarcity didn’t teach well enough.

The only thing certain about shutting it down like a Gordon Ramsay bit was how many uncertainties would occur. Hearing about yet another business that disappeared and realizing what it offered was the worst symptom. But at least we got to pretend that staying at home watching the invisible depression monitor on the wall as keeping you healthy, which is as specious as proclaiming the economy only exists to exploit willing participants.

The chain reaction from chaining fundamental activity only surprised those who think infrastructure bills make us prosper. A rather unhealthy lockdown proved fruitless unless the goal was seeing how many others were harmed by each business shuttering for good over allegedly temporary responses. It really did turn out that we were all in this together. Search YouTube for way more fun ways to see dominoes tumble.

Acting like the on/off switch was within reach shows just how much those who loathe profits know about making them. An easy hand motion was the worst thing to anticipate while it was decidedly pointed downward.

Enemies of trade were surprised when the lights didn’t return. Governors attempting to flip more vigorously just need a few more flicks. The view that the economy is a machine requiring no maintenance is one way to learn everything society’s interdictors believe about commerce’s inherently easy nature was dead wrong. But they did make something they already rendered way more taxing than it should be.

The same visionary economic scientists who dismissively wave hands at companies who can’t find workers while telling them to pay more sure didn’t seem concerned about erstwhile workers making zero dollars per hour. So, that’s the tale of how everyone learned the real minimum wage.

It turns out work was more than a way to pay bills, which was something everyone should’ve known before the globe stopped spinning. Taking away the results of labor was one way to see how valuable work was. There are easier methods. You could read theories, and not ones from misery-inflicting commies, either. The reaction ought to have rotated around ensuring nobody’s toil was ever treated as inessential again. Instead, a worker shortage is shrugged off as the cost of not doing business. Increase wages if you want employees, casually demand cruel proletariat lunkheads who are desperate to prove they’ve never managed a payroll.

Calculating scheming isn’t that valuable to consumers. Those convinced that selling is exploitation could’ve learned that there’s a balance where everyone plays a role. Instead, the wrong sort of opportunity-seekers went the calculating route by threatening to withhold service.

Promising bad things will happen without one’s services is a fascinating outlook in its way. Those who used a pandemic to think they were in control the whole time think everyone in business is a wannabe mafioso, too.

A certain type of politician loathes how much we thrive when we’re allowed. Humans are almost tolerable when left to their own devices. Seeking permission or being ordered only adds a uselessly discouraging hassle. People figuring out what each other need allows for groovy cooperation. Their hippie dream was happening all along. They missed the amusing development because it took work.

Aren’t you glad you were kept safe? You just have to sit there and depend on professional parasites to dispense nutrients. Government’s most earnest fans risibly think a global shutdown was a win for centralization because they can’t differentiate between what happens and whether or not it helped. Those who took pleasure in denying yours have to remind themselves to not cheer aloud for another crisis.

Seeing what happens when plans to preserve conditions crush them somehow isn’t enough motivation to stop. The shutdown was big scheming in action, which confuses those who have made quasi-careers out of condemning the rich getting richer. It’s uncanny how the wealthiest thrived again as a result of governmental intervention. People who never stop moaning about the alleged arbitrary nature of wealth sure weren’t willing to let up on restrictions that made billionaires even more so.

The government will surely never run out of funds to redistribute. It definitely hasn’t already happened. Politicians and sellout enablers will never stop conflating creation with Treasury printing. There are less painful ways to learn about inflation. For now, wish the best to anyone eating for a week after buying five days’ worth of food. You know how to make everything cheaper? Start compensating the staff above the value they create.

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