Uncompetitive and Proud

Anthony Bialy
4 min readApr 24, 2023

Guaranteed business isn’t as wondrous for companies and the economy as it sounds, which makes it like everything else Joe Biden imposes. Quality will plummet once someone like our incumbent decides he’s in charge of everything. Teaching about human nature involves what should be lessons from the first day. It’s always good to review, especially since an alarming number of life’s students haven’t learned a thing.

If liberals started noticing market incentives, they’d stop being them. The one-sided fun of telling others what to do despite an utter lack of qualifications doesn’t extend to trifling matters like results. Lots of action follows, and the ant farm-like commotion is all the ruling party thinks that matters. Unfortunately for their victims, there’s a distinct difference between good and bad outcomes. Movement may involve running for safety.

Confiscating problems by edict creates new ones. Reflecting cause and effect just makes things meaner. Having to please someone is the downside of a performance-based economy, which is why everyone who’s married is blissful.

Reactions to conditions are predictable in unpredictability. The particular situation is unique, but the motives and responses are easy to spot. Even amateur psychologists can spot the formula applied to similar examples, such as when people who know payment is automatic stop working as hard or at all. The president’s gang enjoys keeping life thrilling by never determining why napalm fails to extinguish the blaze. You can’t opt out, but those dealing in force still can’t make ingrates smile by mandate.

Enemies of commerce think efficiency will finally follow once all that unpleasant bit about pleasing customers is out of the way. Also, criminals start behaving after shaming them into being cool by switching to the honor system. Check out how little blood is spilled nightly in Chicago for proof.

Fantasizing about life without competition as if having to offer the best option to customers makes prices increase while quality drops is deeply popular amongst those who don’t like having to measure up.

Science fiction is the nerdiest when it involves pretending human nature must be cured. Star Trek obtuseness shows there are worse things than never meeting girls. Pretending utopia follows eardiacting basic exchange is not just an easy way to express commitment to remaining single. Finally getting human tendencies out of the way allows us to unite and travel the galaxy in our pajamas, at least if you’ve stuck with Picard instead of a bold new future without reboots.

Universities would have to teach actual economics if detached from the federal drip. Education professionals hate discovery that takes the form of the most effective way, namely with real-world examples. Chancellors loathe messages not gained in classrooms, as you don’t even have to borrow six figures to gain them.

Noticing what follows should happen early in hundred-level classes. Paying tuition just happened to become the most prominent status symbol when the government started handing out subsidies like good grades to Alabama football players. You don’t need to presently be in a college classroom to be shocked a degree is now as unaffordable as groceries. This moment is surely the only time linking gaining knowledge to lawmakers has made the product expensive with cheap results.

Public schools don’t have to compete, and the results are just what you expect unless you attended one and thus never enjoyed the benefits of gaining information. Education’s importance is precisely why government should be nowhere near it. Not learning continues through college, as subsidized loans make the very product costly. It’s great to not have to pay back what’s borrowed for as long as you’re not the victim of tuition shoplifting.

Health care is the one industry where customers should really make businesses beg. The apex of cruelty involves expecting people to address urgencies. Regrettably, the unwell become far needier when treatment is allegedly promised.

Forcing providers to compete for business is the one consolation prize of feeling unwell. By contrast, private health dispensers are surely going to keep costs down if customers can’t shop anywhere else. Government paying the tab will surely lower costs, as long as compassion of bankrupting taxpayers for lousy service counts.

Business must be swell if you have to pay companies to engage in it. Maybe the bribes themselves begin a self-fulfilling prophecy. Any film production, sports franchise, or conglomerate who threatens to dash off if insufficiently bribed should be escorted to the county limits with bindles. Demands for subsidies ruin that whole narrative of industrial participants acting as zero-government Ayn Rand enthusiasts. Conglomerates adore regulation as long as hired minions can ghostwrite.

Trying to get around on this planet is detrimental to it. Shrinking our carbon footprint comes naturally to enemies of civilization. Fuel is as costly as eggs. Amtrak was already a maddening chore to ride even before Pete Buttigieg applied his special knowledge of identity politics to making choo-choos purr.

Creating challenges by pretending they can be eliminated doesn’t seem to be helping. Noticing, say, crime skyrockets anywhere guns are banned makes Democrats feel counterproductive, and assaulting self-esteem is lamentably not a crime. Anti-progress progressives seek a world free of stress. But pushy orders don’t pay bills. Dodging them is the faction’s specialty.

Attempting to evade struggles exacerbates them. Constant responses to conditions are the best way we have for alleviating troubles. While coping with issues like hunger, illness, and rent is the opposite of fun, preposterous federal efforts to cure this dumb life only creates even more sadness. Announce there’s a right to clothes if you perverts want to see everyone without them.