Victim Blaming

Anthony Bialy
4 min readFeb 27, 2023

Coping with awfulness inflicted by federal intruders isn’t punishment enough for doing nothing wrong. Blaming others is as intrinsic to Democrats at presuming nobody else will help those in need voluntarily, either. Pointing fingers to distract from the flaming toxic disasters they create as policy is central to a most loopy ideology. It makes sense even if it’s the opposite of sensible.

Selling humans energy which they both need and enjoy gets disciplined in a way crime doesn’t. I sure hope those who offer food for trade decide the transaction still worth it, as I think I’d get pretty hungry right after dining on lawn clipping stew. Yelling at restaurants while scolding supermarkets as they charge a lot for not a lot of food is a nice touch from lecturers about America’s collective obesity.

A ridiculously high starting wage teaches new hires that nothing needs to be earned. Getting paid a lot before doing anything is quite a profitable scheme unless potential employees never find work in the first place.

Work is nothing but a trade just like the products an enterprise sells. Man, these shifts are a drag. Determining how much value is created by labor is a discussion between the involved parties, which you may note does not include the government. Presuming a job should automatically pay a large sum makes it harder to ever get started. The difficulty of finding work when it automatically pays more is not as uncanny as it seems. A rather high percentage of policy influencers contribute nothing but bitching about those who actually complete worthwhile tasks.

Scold gas stations for having the nerve to go above breaking even with customers who have the energy to drive away. It’s bad enough convenience marts with attached pumps are selling fuel that works. Motorists are supposed to pay nothing for the outlet energy generated by karma.

Liquid power outlets suddenly have little to sell. The price to get to stores to pay too much for stuff skyrocketed by chance just as soon as Joe Biden got to impose his kind and wise vision. We need a congressional committee to find the devilish CEOs who discovered greed in January 2021. Acting as if they’re diving into cash vats will surely make products we need to survive more affordable.

If it makes class warfare guerrilla insurgents feel better, there’s an asterisk attached to record money left over. Making profits worth less even as they climb may not have been the goal even if it’s the result. Inflation only seems like voodoo. Supply and demand applies to money itself, as well. Liberals could learn about economics by watching the woeful results of Democratic impositions.

Dealing with burdens imposed by cloddishly pushy governments is merely step one. Imposers then scold those who they victimize. What else would they do: not create conditions where blame is necessary? It’s amazing what one can get away with by possessing the aura of legality and utter lack of conscience paired with wholesale ineptness. Many office-filling practitioners think the fact they keep getting re-elected serves as evidence they’re succeeding at something other than suckering enough voters.

A force-based ideology isn’t about to adapt to circumstances. Orders are as intrinsic to liberalism as mandates. You’re not about to be allowed to use anything as dangerous as autonomy. Dedication to coercion manifested itself most notoriously during an insurance scheme that required participation as a condition of living. That term is not nearly as long thanks to alleged care that’s as costly as it is crummy.

It’s tough to think of anything crueler than creating misery for which those dealing get blamed. The worst part is I am almost certain they aren’t trying. Capricious burden generators think running a business is not only the easiest task possible but also the most lucrative.

Exploiting labor means totally not paying employees what they’re worth. Conglomerate owners base pay on heartless aspects like productivity, competition, and negotiation. Those elitist capitalist notions all irk liberals, which means they must be banned.

Government freaks selflessly refuse to sell out and actually manage a commercial outfit. Telling others how to do so comes easily to those who know so well that they don’t even bother. Starting a company would just be ripping off decent people and not creating something useful customers are willing to buy, at least according to their very sophisticated ideology.

Inflicting struggles is a necessary evil that’s not the former. Restrictions that exacerbate outcomes should serve as a rather strong signal. The fact meddlesome ideas spur woe should tell them something. Sadly, reflexive regulators hear that they should keep demonizing those figuring how to exist despite added aggravations.

Both companies and those who commercially interact with them can never be forgiven. All this inconvenient purchasing could be discarded if only we submitted to the glorious cessation of free will. There is indeed a catch to prosperity without federal supervision. To the regret of control junkies who want to keep us all on the dole, it involves working.