Anti-virus measures may as well have been pro-virus. Particularly pushy governors ordering an illness to bend to their will worked as well as taxing to prosperity. Diseased edicts failed to stop anything but society. I blame you. A particularly sticky infection still dominates survivors only because you dared exhale, you stupid noncompliant respiratory jerk. Taking breaths to the side allowed the infection to thrive. Don’t note the death toll as their measures were in place if you want to keep your liquor license.

Guess who your unofficial doctors blamed for your inability to taste. Interdictions have been useless in the fight against a seeping virus, which means just need to try them harder. Oh: it’s like all of liberalism. Consistency isn’t always helpful. Ideology conforms to every circumstance, unfortunately.

The creepy communal vibe is just what some were waiting for. Everyone being told what to not do appeals to those who feel smug about contributing to the whole through sacrifice. The best coincidences are uncanny.

Convincing enough people that they’re saving society by controlling it is how useless executives stay out of the job market. Keeping arrogant autocratic dolts from the private sector isn’t enough of a benefit to endure unilaterally useless commands. Aside from stopping the virus, the virus is stopped.

Masks can’t contain smugness: they only block some of the expression. I don’t want to be around someone who says we must wear them now so we can be together later. The truest believers in communal coercion will always demand to have more freedoms taken.

Please keep us from living for protection, kindly leader. Benjamin Franklin’s aphorism about liberty and security applies to trying to avoid illness, too. It’s amazing how principles can apply even without knowing the situation’s specifics that will arise in the years after it’s uttered. I wonder if the notion applies to the Constitution.

The only way to make arbitrarily useless restrictions worse is with hypocrisy. Thankfully, there’s as much of that as the plague. Making this year as intense as possible is how we live to the fullest when we’re not living at all. The biggest problem with those who ordered you to stop living living it up is there are too many examples to bring any one of them to mind. Every major mayor violating their own diktats helps you enjoy another night dipping into your dwindling ramen stockpile.

Treating Animal Farm as inspiration is not the proper way to honor Orwell. The fattest beasts always have a swell excuse for their gluttony, as if nobody else wanted to celebrate a birthday at a business that brings food to your table. Getting to dine away from the peasants who spread airborne death with their icky lung function is the superior human’s reward for saving society, aside from the saving part.

The virus’s chief symptoms are poverty, depression, and uselessness. I’d bet you’re infected. Pain of thorough confiscation is felt by everyone in that collective way that defines our melancholy times. Agony for everyone everyone creates equality.

Noting how many people have suffered and died even as we’ve been limited to be healthy and alive isn’t going to make anyone feel better. If being depressed isn’t helping improve outlook from your residence’s windows, join the mindless fanboys lauding the brutishly meddlesome governors who racked up the corpse count like it was the debt clock.

The virus surely didn’t spread like herpes at the porn awards after Democratic governors tried forced bussing of the infected to nursing homes. Please stop claiming Patient Zero definitely lived in the Northeast just because it’s obvious. I blame healthy people not covering their ghastly breathing holes the moment they step outside and not the sick experiment pairing the sick and elderly as roommates.

Feeling noble about running existence properly is how the delusional justify hassling others. Knowing what’s best despite examples is the collectivist signature. Blaming people for doing their schemes wrong makes the inception go deeper. It’s just this time that humans trying to exist ruined a carefully-crafted plan that would’ve lifted our species.

Pattern recognition is subversive. The same thing happening every time in sickness or health is the sort of commitment that should inspire marriages. Viruses spread without regard to attempted control measures just like poverty explodes in cruel disregard to measures supposed to starve it.

Being told what to do for no good reason is especially galling consider those most obsessed with micromanaging are the nation’s worst killers. Jim Jones is no longer the top Democratic killer. Andrew Cuomo craves such loyalty.

Cranky as a lifestyle choice.