Wasteful Crises

Reaching glory will be even more impressive if we endure pain first. Heaven will be glorious by hellish contrast. Exploiting crises is how our more inspirational leaders mold society into their precious minds’ images. It’s not that our greatest dreamers are into misery or anything, but your suffering makes the conversion seem appealing. The state’s fans do need you to be frightened enough to cheer for ceding your rights. There’s a reason fetishes should be kept secret.

The joyless calculation behind imposing restrictions on liberty following previous governmental screwups is a demented philosophy courtesy of reptilian Rahm Emanuel, who visited our planet just to let us humans know how irrational we were being to want rights despite troubles. Financial turmoil leading to you begging to let the president guard your wallet is just what Democrats need, so please don’t do anything foolish that’d damage their prospects like fixing problems.

Crises caused by the very policies alleged solvers embrace remain an unappreciated irony. Try free money again to make everyone wealthy. Mortgage meddling nuked the global economy, but just because we’re still dealing with fallout doesn’t mean we should stop trying to make things cheaper than what they cost or anything. Using previous infiltration’s dire consequences to inflict even more tampering perpetuates the cycle. Government keeps itself involved in the worst way.

Elected bosses decided its role was to ensure everyone bought a house, college diploma, or plug-in care regardless of whether or not new residents could afford one. You might be surprised to learn the globe’s economy melted down as a result of humanity missing payments. The natural response was to allow even more leniency about truant checks. This is where conspiracy lunatics seem vindicated.

Using agonizing tumult to impose alleged order is ghastly enough. The fact pain inevitably multiplies is merely a sign the transition is proceeding vigorously. It’s tough to tell whether they’re generally and spectacularly incompetently attempting to help or spreading misery in order to calculatingly inflict coercion. Note the debate does not feature any participants who claim circumstances have become swell.

The worst contagious disease still spreads even as panic about the virus subsides. A more literal pandemic was nothing but a chance to boss around frightened citizens who didn’t want to catch the zombie plague from respirating. Shutdowns certainly weren’t supposed to help. At least they better not have based on results that would’ve been identical to sick people staying home and doubling down on NyQuil.

Russia loves the Sun. There’s been no better opportunity for our nearest star to keep our lights lit when our side spins away from it. Clean energy-loving invading tyrants are just what American liberals needed to pimp power created by cool vibes. Noted friend of Mother Earth Vladimir Putin deciding he wanted another country to ruin was just the opportunity enemies of fuel needed. Our environment’s most ardent defenders have to pretend to not enjoy the invasion. Working energy is the second victim behind a mugged Ukraine.

Convincing ourselves that relying on the Sun will generate karmic power to compensate for clouds is bound to keep the refrigerator running. The outlet is both free and clean, assure those who either don’t ask questions or don’t want us doing so. Disregard their pipe-blocking while waiting for the outlet to make your puttermobile purr again. Environmental zealots didn’t put a cork in it only because it would involve cutting down a tree. It’s not like we could plant more.

Legislatures might not pass crucial bills that save us from the tumult of decisions. Executives seeking bypasses streamline in the worst way. The only way to exacerbate seizing upon trouble is to impose further uselessly agonizing nonsense. We got locked inside for two years, but at least it kept the disease from rampaging for an extended interval like, say, two years. A chance to siphon more cash to fritter is a small price to pay.

It’d be more adorable to think that voting will solve life’s issues if everyone who knew better didn’t have to suffer from the consequences of suckers. Trusting politicians for anything exacerbates everything. Those who seek to coerce you into compliance hope more than anything that uncooperative humans fail to notice patterns.

Do as you’re told, demand those who should be told they can’t do anything right. A life revolving around politics leads to predictably gloomy results that shouldn’t surprise even recent visitors to Earth. Making your existence the same by force is the dream of those who know eternal pleasure is just one mandate away. The only way to make the actuality worse is dragging in others.

There are surely nice things to say about an ideology that preys upon fear. Needing pain to work is a sign surrendering autonomy is unquestionably the way to go. Life might provide an insufficient amount of hurt to convince you we must level society then rebuild it in a way that will please Beto O’Rourke. It would really help them out if you let things rot, so don’t bother with any of your decadent capitalistic attempts to improve situations with work and trade. Your life’s designers are trying their hardest to help by harming.

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